Everything's Connected - A Course Introduction

Hello and welcome! Please watch the introductory video as we head off on our journey.

Takeaways from the course introduction:

  • Connected speech is sounds and words being linked together and said one after another, as opposed to sounds and words said in isolation.
  • All the major components of connected speech are covered in the course. The focus however, is more on natural speech and how native speakers say things, rather than the technicalities of language.
  • The course builds up to connected speech by going through the phonemic chart and sounds first. This follows the theory that speech is built in three stages: 1.Sounds. 2.Words. 3.Connecting those words and sounds together to create sentences.
  • There is an added element to the course, in that each Module is named after a famous English town or city and, in effect, we have a virtual tour around England.
  • By spending about 30 minutes every day on connected speech, after about 3 weeks you will have greatly improved your awareness and understanding of connected speech and will already start sounding more natural and fluent when speaking.